Mixed Media Assemblage by Ron Robertson

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Matt Lum: Undersea Adventures
Special Commission
2009 - 16" x 20" x 2"

Matt Lum is a passionate freediver who has traveled the world seeking unique adventures. Whether it be riding whale sharks and manta rays, swimming with wild rogue orcas, or acting as a tuna spearfishing guide for Saudi royalty, Matt embodies the essence of the true waterman.

This unique assemblage captures multiple unique experiences. Black Tahitian pearls and rare pink coral were obtained on surfing trips to the Tuamoto Atolls. Tiny abalone shells were collected on remote beaches of San Nicolas Island. The piece includes pictures of giant yellowfin tuna that were speared while freediving at the Revillagigedos Archipelego as well as breathtaking manta ray and orca encounters.

Also integrated into the assemblage are pieces of jasper, chert, agate and quartz, which were hand-collected on the beaches of central California and meticulously polished in Matt’s rock tumblers.

Special Commissions Accepted!

If you have collected some special objects that you would like to have transformed into a unique piece of art by Ron Robertson, please contact us to discuss a special commission.

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